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Important News Regarding NATS Switch December 15th, 2017
Hey all. As you can see we have made the switch to NATS! There are some things to address regarding this switch, and actions we ask all of you to double check as well.

1. Stats in NATS are only since the switch to NATS happened. All open payments are stored and carried over. Payout history is also moved over.

If you want to see your old stats prior to mid day on Dec 12th, 2017, you can still log into and find all that data. THAT WILL end however on Dec 31st, 2017, when it is taken offline. After that, you can email support and ask for a CSV dump of your affiliate account data. We will have all MPA data from the DB and can export all info related to your account and send it to you.

2. Please check your account information right away. Verify the address, email, payout info etc is all correct and up to date. Very important to do that, and if it is not correct, please make the change.

3. All old link codes and FHG's have been redirected and sent to your NATS tracking code. You will not need to change any links, or remove/switch out any FHG's. This is all done for you. Feel free to update your links to NATS links if you wish however.

Please email with any questions or concerns. We are very happy to be on NATS, and hope you guys are happy as well.

- XXXRewards
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